About Me

I have lived in Leigh-On-Sea, on the Essex coast since the early nineties , originally a ballet dancer I took up photography after the birth of my two daughters nearly 20 years ago.

About my work

I have covered many aspects of photography from lifestyle through to events, performance and commercial work.  More than anything I love reportage/documentary style work and the post production aspect of digital photography.

I mostly work with natural light and when shooting at an event or documenting people I try to be as unobtrusive as possible therefore I avoid using flash lighting and keep at a distance so the subjects are relaxed and unaware of the camera in order to take relaxed and natural images. This is particularly important when shooting film making and theatre rehearsals.

 Some of my work can be viewed and purchased at selected galleries and exhibitions. (see news)


My edited images of childrens fashion shots  have been published in Junior and Wish magazine and I have had my photographic work displayed in the Renaissance photography exhibition at Proud galleries , Soho.  My images are featured in the Renaissance book.

Some of my work has been used for magazine and book covers, packaging and various other publications.